Crystal Cave


1000 x 1000 PIXELS PREVIEW
3:41 min

CRYSTAL CAVE was part of the interactive Fulldome theater show "Hotel zur Blauen Blume". The 360° projection should immerse the spectator into a crystal and make him/her explore this solid and reflecting environment in all its facets. According to the visual impressions, a spatial soundtrack was created at the IDMT Ilmenau together with sound artist Florian Tepelmann. We used recorded sounds taken in the crystal cavern as well as noises that I recorded using an oscillating electronic circuit and crystal solutions. To get video material I experimented with laser and some prismatic crystals (1). I explored a crystal cavern at Saalfeld with a camera (2) and I took videos of crystalline structures and growth under a microscope (3). To edit the material I used AfterEffetcs, Premiere Pro and 3Dsmax. The piece was shown within the Fulldome Festival in Jena to a broad audience.