Explore Crystals


The Installation consists of several electronic circuits integrated into an environmental setup that allows the visitor to explore the black space with a laser pointer while a deep droning noise can be heard in the entire room. The installation reveals crystals not only as an aesthetic object but as an interactive device. Crystals can be found in all sorts of electronic devices we use on a daily basis. Thinking of crystals as an important component in LCD displays, smartphones or microchips I wanted the visitor to explore crystals on a no longer hidden but spatial level.

While experimenting with crystal solutions (1-3), I experienced a vivid dimension of this so called non-living matter. One attempt to make this animated character evident was by recording the sound of crystalline growth. I built a sound generating electronic circuit (4) that was sensitive to record the smallest noises with a piezo electronic disc (5). Those sounds were the foundation of an electro-acoustic sound piece that is played as background noise for the environmental setup. This setup further consist of oscillating circuits (6) that produce sounds when a light-sensor (Photocell) is triggered. Prismatic crystals are hanging from the ceiling of a small dark room (7). Laser pointers can be used to explore the room. When the ray of the laser hits the crystal the reflected light triggers the lightsensors (8) and a sound occurs. In this way the crystals can be explored as an interactive device that fill up the room with light and sound.