(e)merging properties

Transmediale 2016

The performative piece is inspired by the idea of universal computation and systems theory. This way each person (performer) is understood as a similar but unique cellular-automaton-like element with his own rules. Through interaction with living or non-living objects the rules of the person change, thus creating more complex and different patterns. Through the performance we discuss the questions of natural / unnatural, individual / collective decision-making and the idea that all subjects and objects in the environment have an effect on each other.

As a performative piece, (e)merging properties is developed in the framework of "The Mess with Tech, Sense and Thinking" (MTST), a collaboration between Bauhaus University and Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee for transmediale / conversationpiece 2016.

It was shown at the HKW Berlin during transmediale 2016.

Initiated by:
Dovilé Aleksaité, Liese Endler, Yawen Huang, Mirce Liljehult, Eri Qubo, Tanja Szallies

Performed by:
Irene Anglada Espadaler, Marcelina Bozek, Molly Braun, Michaela Gerussi, Norman Glatzer, Anna-Maria Hadorn, Matilda Keizer, Efi Logginou, Sebastian Rein, N.M. Rosen, Sigrid Savi, Paula Schrötter, Danielle Simpson

Individual walking patterns