2014 - 2016

Based on Oskar Schlemmer's notion of body and space this work explores the relation of the human body and the meaning of movement in space. The dancing figure is a rebel, protester, a riot girl, a fighter for freedom. Twelve GIF-animations show twelve different gestures of protest. These gestures were developed by analysing google images from 2014 showing protests all over the globe e.g. in the Ukraine, in Turkey, in Tunisia, or in Egypt. The gesture of protest is reduced to its pure aesthetic and turns from a political act to a performative movement. The visitor of the website can arrange the GIFs within a grid. This s an attempt to explore the relation between the political and the performative. Furthermore it is planned to exhibit this work as an interactive installation which animates visitors to form their own "rebel army" and compare it to those of other visitors.

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