(e)merging properties


»(e)merging properties« was developed in the framework of »The Mess with Tech, Sense and Thinking«, a collaboration between Bauhaus-Universität and Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee for transmediale / conversationpiece 2016. The performance was shown twice at the HKW Berlin during transmediale 2016.

Inspired by universal computation and systems theory, each performer is understood as a similar but unique cellular-automaton-like element. Through interaction with living or non-living objects, the behavior of each performer changes according to different rules, thus creating a complex system. Through the performance, we discuss the questions of natural/unnatural, individual/collective decision-making and the idea that all subjects and objects in the environment have an effect on each other.

Initiated by Dovilé Aleksaité, Liese Endler, Yawen Huang, Mirce Liljehult, Eri Qubo, Tanja Szallies. Performed by various kind individuals from Berlin.

Images by ©Liese Endler and ©Dovilé Aleksaité.