Encoding Kunstfiguren

2018 - 2019

The interactive performance invites to experience the correlation between space and body, manifested in the »Kunstfigur«. All of the performers follow specific commands. These commands work like if-statements (as found in programming languages) and correlate with digital phenomena. The figures derive from previous projects. »Zero«, »The Archivist« and »TROUBLEMAKER« were updated and became part of one coherent system. Costume design and movement were inspired by Oskar Schlemmer and Laban as well as cyborg aesthetic.

Firstly presented in April 2018 as my master thesis, the performance has been shown within various events associated with the Bauhaus centenary in 2019, e.g. at the »Bauhausfest 2019« as well as part of the »Cirque du Bauhaus« at Zeiss-Planetarium Jena.

Performed by Helena Wölfl, Anna Degonda, Victoria Kerl, Lilly Haas, Filippo Celuzza, Florian Tepelmann, Liese Endler.

Images by  ©Liese Endler ©Florian Froger ©Candy Welz

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